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WH exhibition at Art Space TLV

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WH exhibition at Art Space TLV

Fresh Paint 2013

2013 Passive Aggrssive Expressive פאסיב אגרסיב אקספרסיב ...

מדיא 2012 ...

The Binding of Isaac העקידה
2012 Minor exhibition תערוכה מינורית ...

2011 Fox Tails on Fire ...

mesmedia 5
25:25 The Symmetric Hours Clock 2011

"25:25 - The Other Round Hours" (2010) started out as a digital clock projected into the public sphere (the wall facing the courtyard of The School of Art—Hamidrasha). The clock did not chime every hour on the hour (e.g., 12:00 or 13:00) but rather at special times that, to the outsider, seemed to follow no logical pattern. One could not grasp the meaning of the chiming unless one understood the idea behind it.
In the same way that 00:00 is known as midnight, with all the attendant cultural implications, so "The Other Round Hours" (the times at which the clock does chime) represent graphic signifiers that become meaningful via recognition by two or more people, such as symmetry of numbers (e.g., 15:15), symmetry of the location of the digits (e.g., 22:11), or visual symmetry of the digital font (e.g., 21:15).
This project references Jens Haaning's project on local minorities (e.g. "Turkish Jokes"), but unlike Haaning's project, this one is aimed at growing a community the way religious communities grow through the acceptance of an idea.

Haunting Breeze 1 - The Heder Tel Aviv 2009...

Haunting Breeze 2 - The Heder Tel Aviv 2009...

Plan B - Zero Galery Berlin 2008...

The impossible human communication

One will never understand the other completely.
The every day impossibility in trying to grasp the other passes through various phases.
Between every two phases appears a slight deviation.
By experiencing the distorted gap, the sight of meeting the other, we are getting closer to understanding our futile lifetime search.

The Moon and Sixpence -Hachlalit Gallery Tel Aviv 2008...

5. Prvih Festival Zagreb 2007...

Tomorrow is Another Day 2004

In "Tomorrow is Another Day" Nitsan Hammerman, continues his artistic discourse on the subject of the transition between space and time. Here Hammerman continues to grasp at the ethereal, the transitional and the virtual, as he did in his Elevator and Greyhounds series. The works depict intimate situation using the anonymous and objective language of the documentary genre. The documentary nature of these paintings is created using images that have been captured over the Internet, where they are broadcast anonymously and active users (surfers) are transformed into audiences. In his works, Hammerman, transforms the act of exposing and negates the voyeuristic pleasure involved in the original. In these works the fragments of time and space (location) on the canvas become something else, a new reality.

Curator Mrs Genosar Varda
Translation Ms Klafter Einat

Greyhounds - The Heder Gallery Tel Aviv 2003...

The Greyhound Show
The true life is absent. But we are in the world.
When time has come about, where fears pop into freedom,
success and failure sink into blue jam,
shot by shot,
hot and cold textures create a new medium.
The perfection of low angels,
where focus and blur form high speeds,
while a moment draws eternity. (totality and infinity)
a- priori,
low gravitation,
freeze to action,


welcome to Greyhound zone:
Nano- emotions as parallel universes.
The transparency of truth.

Omry Taub

Lifts 2001

Face to face, I to I.

I see this countenance before me nude and bare.
He is present in the flesh.
There is a sense of distance and even absence
in his questioning glance. He is far from me and
other than myself, a stranger, and I cannot be
sure of what this strangeness may conceal.
How can I coexist with him and still leave
his otherness intact?

Omry Taub

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