25:25 The Symmetric Hours Clock 2011

"25:25 - The Other Round Hours" (2010) started out as a digital clock projected into the public sphere (the wall facing the courtyard of The School of Art—Hamidrasha). The clock did not chime every hour on the hour (e.g., 12:00 or 13:00) but rather at special times that, to the outsider, seemed to follow no logical pattern. One could not grasp the meaning of the chiming unless one understood the idea behind it.
In the same way that 00:00 is known as midnight, with all the attendant cultural implications, so "The Other Round Hours" (the times at which the clock does chime) represent graphic signifiers that become meaningful via recognition by two or more people, such as symmetry of numbers (e.g., 15:15), symmetry of the location of the digits (e.g., 22:11), or visual symmetry of the digital font (e.g., 21:15).
This project references Jens Haaning's project on local minorities (e.g. "Turkish Jokes"), but unlike Haaning's project, this one is aimed at growing a community the way religious communities grow through the acceptance of an idea.